The Lost Veterans Initiative (LVI) was introduced in February of 2021 as a means of providing support for the many volunteers who assist in researching unmarked Veterans graves. The Initiative supports volunteers by providing a platform for researchers to share tools and to access support from the Fund.

“Lost Veterans” in this context refers to Veterans who lay in unmarked graves. It is estimated that there may be several thousand such unmarked graves remaining across Canada. It is the purpose of the Initiative to support volunteers in their search for these unmarked Veterans graves, so that the Last Post Fund may provide a permanent military headstone to these Veterans. (See Unmarked Graves Program).

If you are interested in volunteering to help in the search for Lost Veterans, please contact the Last Post Fund at 1-800-465-7113 or by email at We will put you in touch with your provincial branch and get you started with an information package.

We’ve made available on our site a downloadable preliminary information form to assist you in gathering information on unmarked Veterans graves.