Provincial Columbaria and Local Fields of Honour

In recognition of the sacrifices made by those who served Canada, various Columbarium projects and local Fields of Honour have been established across the country to provide a dignified final resting place for Veterans. The following is a list of Columbaria or local Fields of Honour administered by the Last Post Fund:

Provincial Columbaria and Local Fields of Honour

The Columbarium at the Last Post Fund National Field of Honour Pointe-Claire, Québec

To meet a growing need for our Veterans and their spouses, the Last Post Fund is now offering an additional option to traditional burials presently available at the National Field of Honour. This is being achieved with a 12-unit Columbarium, offering a choice of over 800 exterior niches for cinerary urns.

The Columbarium is available to:

  • Members of the Canadian Forces who were awarded the Canadian Decoration (CD);
  • Modern-Day Veterans who received a decoration for bravery or distinguished service;
  • Traditional and Modern-Day Veterans who qualify for a funeral and burial grant;
  • Members of the Canadian Forces who died while in service;
  • Canadian Forces and Allied Veterans who served in special duty operations;
  • Service or ex-service members who, at time of death, were serving or have served for a minimum of 12 years as Director of the Last Post Fund; and
  • Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other Canadian police forces who served in United Nations peacekeeping missions or in special operations areas.

A one-time fee includes:

  • One double niche;
  • Opening and closing of the niche;
  • Two inscriptions; and
  • Perpetual care.

The size of the niche (1 cubic foot) restricts the size of the urns (two per niche) to 11 3/4″ height x 11 3/4″ width x 5 3/4″ depth.

Please make sure that any urn proposed for this Columbarium does not exceed the measurements as stated.

Reservations or inquiries for the Columbarium should be addressed to the:

Last Post Fund National Field of Honour – Located at Lakeview Cemetery in Pointe-Claire, Québec.

Last Post Fund National Field of Honour
703 Donegani Avenue, Pointe-Claire, QC  H9R 5G6  Canada

Telephone: 514-695-7213
Toll Free: 1-800-866-5229
Fax: 514-695-3488


Manitoba Columbarium Brookside Cemetery, Winnipeg

The Manitoba Columbarium offers a dignified resting place for Veterans and their spouses. A unique concept, the Columbarium was built by Canadian artisans using select Canadian grey granite with beautiful black granite niche covers.

Nova Scotia Veterans’ Columbarium Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax

Opened in November 2002, the Nova Scotia Veterans’ Columbarium provides a final resting place where Veterans (and their spouses) may be with their fellow comrades.

Ontario Field of Honour Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton

Dedicated by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in May 2004, the Ontario Field of Honour is located in a dignified natural setting adjacent to the Korea Veterans National Wall of Remembrance.

Newfoundland-Labrador Field of Honour Mount Pleasant Cemetery, St. John’s

The Newfoundland-Labrador Field of Honour was established by Veterans Affairs Canada and was officially opened on 2 July 1983. The Field of Honour provides a final resting place where Veterans can be laid to rest with their fellow comrades.