LPF New National President Mr. Derek Sullivan

LPF New National President Mr. Derek Sullivan

Congratulations to Mr. Derek Sullivan on his nomination as our new National President.

Derek retired from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) in 2013 after 32 years serving Veterans. Beginning in 1981, he worked in a variety of policy and management positions in both Ottawa, and the then-new Head Office in Charlottetown, PEI.

Between 1986 and 1996 Derek was Director of Memorial Programs, Director of Health Programs, and Director of Health Care Systems. After 2 years as Associate Director General of Information Technology, for 5 years he led a partnership that brought together the departments that deliver health care to federal clients (Health Canada, DND, RCMP, Corrections, and Veterans Affairs), with $8 billion of annual health spending.

Derek was Director General, Canada Remembers (now Commemoration) from 2003-2013, a role he describes as his "dream job". During that time he served on the Governing Council of the Last Post Fund as VAC representative. After his professional retirement in 2013, Derek became a volunteer member of the Last Post Fund New Brunswick – PEI.

In 2009 the Last Post Fund past National President Lieutenant-General (Retired) Lou Cuppens bestowed an Award of Merit on Derek Sullivan “in recognition of his exemplary commitment since 2004 to the cause of Canadian Veterans as Director General, Canada Remembers, Veterans Affairs Canada and for his outstanding contribution to the Last Post Fund.”

Derek Sullivan has held the position of Vice-President, East since 2016, and it was at this year’s annual meeting of the Governing Council on June 5, 2020 that he was named National President. Our warmest congratulations to Derek!