Fixing ‘a long uncorrected mistake’: Unmarked Veterans graves get headstones

Fixing 'a long uncorrected mistake': Unmarked Veterans graves get headstones

“To me, it’s really important that these boys – and girls – have their names revived so that their stories live on.” – Bobbi Foulds, Branch 51 RCL 1st Vice-President and member of Last Post Fund, Alberta Branch.

IAbout one year ago, Bobbi Foulds, Branch 51 Royal Canadian Legion 1st Vice President and an active member of the Alberta Branch of the Last Post Fund, noticed a number of unmarked graves at Glenwood Cemetery in Edson, Alberta. This sparked a "treasure hunt" to discover the names and identities of the Veterans buried there, among whom lies Mary Connie Simister, who served as a nursing assistant with the British Armed Forces.

To date, thirteen new headstones have been installed at the previously unmarked grave sites and nine more are on their way, thanks to the Last Post Fund's Unmarked Graves Program.

The President of the Last Post Fund Alberta Branch LCol Hans Brink (Retired) remarked, "It's significant because you don't generally find that many (unmarked Veterans' graves) in one location."

A ceremony commemorating the Veterans was held this past Saturday, August 17th at Glenwood Cemetery. In attendance were several dignitaries, including Member of Parliament Jim Eglinski, Yellowhead County Counsellor Wade Williams, several representatives of local Royal Canadian Legion Branches and military representatives as well as Veterans, Veterans widows and widowers, family and members of the general public.

You can watch the CTV news clip here. Should your branch have knowledge of unmarked graves, please contact our counselors to start the process of having the graves marked.

Congratulations to Bobbi Foulds & to the Last Post Fund Alberta Branch for a job well done in bringing dignity and recognition to these service men and women, may they rest in peace.


Bobbi Foulds and bugler Ryan Wensing during the ceremony celebrating the marking of 13 Veterans graves at Glenwood Cemetery, Edson, AB.
Photo credit: Connor Linchet for / pour Last Post Fund | Fonds du Souvenir