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Manitoba Columbarium
Brookside Cemetery, Winnipeg


The Manitoba Columbarium offers a dignified resting place for Veterans and their spouses. A unique concept, the Columbarium was built by Canadian artisans using select Canadian grey granite with beautiful black granite niche covers.


Where is the Manitoba Columbarium located?

It is located within the Brookside Cemetery on Notre Dame Avenue (immediately West of the Red River College) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the following address:


Brookside Cemetery
3001 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B8

Who may be inurned at the Manitoba Columbarium?

The Columbarium is open to all Veterans who served during World War II, the Korea War, and during Peacetime and in Special Duty Areas. Veterans and their spouses (or another immediate family member) may be placed there.

What is included in the cost?

The cost of a niche in the Manitoba Columbarium is very reasonable. A one-time fee includes:

- One double niche;
- Opening and closing of niche; and
- Inscription on niche plaque.

What size is a niche and what size urn(s) may be placed there?

A niche at the Manitoba Columbarium is one cubic foot. Two urns may be placed in the niche. Please make sure that the urns do not exceed the niche measurements. The maximum size of an urn must be 11¾" height x 11¾" width x 5¾" depth (two urns per niche).

How can arrangements be made for the Manitoba Columbarium?

If you wish to make arrangements for a niche at the Manitoba Columbarium or should you require more information, please contact:

The Last Post Fund
Toll Free 1-800-465-7113
Fax 514 866-1471