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Last Post Fund National Field of Honour
Pointe-Claire, Québec






The Last Post Fund National Field of Honour reflects a tradition of military cemeteries in its uniform arrangement, the orderly placement of the graves, its monuments and its axial plan, all of which typify such principles as the equality of soldiers in death, military comradeship and discipline and perpetual remembrance. It constitutes a place of remembrance dedicated to the men and women who served under the colours, evoking some two hundred years of Canadian military history. In 2009, the centennial year of the Last Post Fund, the National Field of Honour was designated as a National Historic Site by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

This unique and beautiful cemetery was opened in 1930 when the need arose for a burial ground not only for the military, but for their spouses or an immediate relative wishing to rest beside them. The rules of the cemetery permit burial of Veterans without means and of those who, although able to pay for their burial, wish to lie among their comrades. At the National Field of Honour, Generals lie beside Privates, Victoria Cross recipients beside those without battle acclaim, the well-to-do beside ex-service men and women who died penniless.


The Last Post Fund National Field of Honour is a permanent memorial of gratitude to Canadian and Allied Veterans who served their country. Overlooking Lake St. Louis, its entrance is signaled by an impressive Gate of Remembrance and a Memorial Chapel facing the Cross of Sacrifice.

The Gate of Remembrance


To meet a growing need for Veterans and their spouses, a 12-unit Columbarium offering a choice of over 800 exterior niches for urns is available as an additional option to traditional burials.


Columbarium reduced.jpg

The 12-Unit Columbarium


Eligibility Criteria

Burial at the National Field of Honour is reserved for:

  • Any Canadian and Allied veteran who served in World War II or the Korean conflict, including members of the Canadian Merchant Navy;

  • Any member of the Canadian Forces who has completed the basic course or who died while on duty;

  • Any former member of the Canadian Forces honorably discharged and who has completed the basic course;

  • Any member or former member of the Canadian Forces, of the Royal Canadian Mounted police or other Canadian police forces who served in Special Duty Area or Special Duty Operation, or who has been appointed to serve under such Special Duty and who died during pre-deployment training;

  • Any Last Post Fund Director who served a minimum of twelve years as Director;

  • One sole member of the immediate family of a qualifying person: spouse, de facto spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, child or a person who had responsibilities and served as a father or a mother.

Rules and Regulations


The spouse or a member of the immediate family may be placed in the same plot or niche as the eligible Veteran.


Only one marker shall be placed on any plot. When two people take place in a plot or niche, the marker shall be inscribed with the names of both deceased, in accordance with Last Post Fund specifications.


Dimensions of the flat granite marker provided by the Last Post Fund are:

  • 12 inches (width)
  • 20 inches (height)
  • 3 inches (depth)


All markers will be placed in line at the head of the plot.


The size of the Columbarium niches (one cubic foot) restricts the dimensions of the urns to a maximum of:

  • 11¾ inches (height)
  • 11¾ inches (width)
  • 5¾ inches (depth).


The urn must not exceed these measurements.



The cost of burial at the Last Post Fund National Field of Honour is quite competitive. Many Veterans, from Privates to high-ranking Officers, have already reserved their plot or niche.


Reservations include:

  • One double plot or niche;
  • A military marker;
  • Two inscriptions; and
  • Perpetual care.


Burial rates are reviewed periodically by the Québec Board of Directors. A minimum deposit must be made at time of reservation and payment in full within 12 months of making a reservation.


To make a reservation:


The Last Post Fund National Field of Honour

703 Donegani Avenue

Pointe-Claire, QC  H9R 5G6

Telephone (514) 695-7213
Toll Free 1 (855) 272-7213

Fax (514) 695-3488



Online Request for Application:

Online Form may be used to supply preliminary information and initiate an application. Once submitted, a representative from the Last Post Fund National Field of Honour will contact you. An official application form will follow by mail.

If Acrobat Reader is not installed on your PC, you can do download it here. With free Acrobat Reader® software, you can view and print Adobe PDF files:



Families may request that a deceased person’s remains be disinterred and moved to another cemetery. Any person who submits a request to the National Field of Honour management for disinterment must include all requisite authorizations as stipulated in the Burial Act (LRQ., cI-II). Disinterment costs shall be borne by the person requesting same.


Families may wish to place tributes on a grave. These must be cut fresh flowers and special receptacles are provided for this purpose. Floral tributes will be removed after their appearance is no longer suitable. Placing artificial flowers, wreaths, miniature flags, etc. is allowed during national holidays and special memorial celebrations. Such tributes will be removed by cemetery personnel after a reasonable period. Christmas and Remembrance Day wreaths are accepted for a limited period. The National Field of Honour is not responsible for the safekeeping of memorial tributes.


Conduct of Visitors

Visitors to the National Field of Honour are welcome seven days a week. They must maintain a dignified conduct and see that children and pets respect the dignity of the site. Vehicles shall be driven and parked only on the paved roads of the cemetery (speed limit is 25 km/hr).


Memorial Chapel

A small memorial chapel is located within the Gate of Remembrance and may be used by families or associations at time of burial. The chapel must be reserved – at no cost – when burial arrangements are made. Families of the deceased are responsible for making their own specific arrangements for religious and other ceremonies. Guidance in that regard may be provided by the Last Post Fund Québec Office.



The Last Post Fund National Field of Honour is a private non-profit cemetery and operates through donations from the public. Receipts for income tax purposes are issued. Sponsorship may be arranged through the Last Post Fund Québec Office.


Directions to the National Field of Honour and Columbarium

The Last Post Fund National Field of Honour is located behind the Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery (701 Donegani Avenue). To access the Field of Honour, proceed through Lakeview following the Field of Honour signs until you reach the Remembrance Gate.

Access from Montreal:

  • Take Autoroute 20 West
  • Exit at St. Charles Boulevard (Exit 48)
  • Turn right onto St. Charles Boulevard
  • Turn right onto Amherst Road
  • Turn left unto Elm Avenue
  • Elm Avenue becomes Donegani Avenue
  • Turn left into Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery (701 Donegani Avenue)
  • Proceed through the Lakeview cemetery following the Field of Honour signs to the Remembrance Gate entrance.


The cemetery office is located in the Arthur Hair Centre.


Parking during Commemorative Ceremonies

During the June annual commemorative ceremony only, we ask that our guests park their vehicle at the Beaconsfield train station parking lot on Elm Avenue, and use the shuttle bus service to get to the National Field of Honour.
Commemorative Ceremonies...


Getting Around the National Field of Honour