Unmarked Grave Program

On June 11, 1996, the Last Post Fund amended its Letters Patent to create the “Unmarked Grave Program” whose objective is to provide a permanent military-style marker for eligible Veterans who lie in unmarked graves. The Program is available to eligible Veterans whose grave has not had a permanent headstone or foot marker for five years or more, and who have not previously received funeral and burial funding from the Last Post Fund or Veterans Affairs Canada (as a marker may be provided under another Program).

Service Eligibility

As of June 2006, the Last Post Fund amended the eligibility requirements for the Unmarked Grave Program to include any former member of the Canadian Forces, or any of its previous services or components since Confederation, who have passed basic military training and who were honourably discharged.


Grave marking for those who served with the Allied Forces and who are interred in Canada may also be considered under the Unmarked Grave Program.

Proof of Service

Proof of military service stating rank and military unit is required. The Last Post Fund may be able to assist with obtaining military service records from Library & Archives Canada if supplied with the full name and date of birth of a Canadian Veteran.


Library & Archives Canada maintains a “Soldiers of the First World War” database that holds the attestation papers for those who served during World War One. This database may be viewed at:



Please note: The Last Post Fund does not have access to service records for those who served with the Allied Forces. Proof of service for Allied Veterans must be provided by the applicant.

Proof of Death

To process an application, we request that an applicant provides proof of death for the Veteran. This may include a document showing the date of death such as an obituary or card of remembrance, a death certificate issued by a funeral home or government source or a cemetery interment record, etc.


The Application Process

The following information is necessary to process an application:

  • “Cemetery Information & Declaration” signed by an official of the cemetery or by some other responsible authority that verifies that the Veteran is buried in the cemetery; the grave position is identifiable; the grave is not permanently marked and determines the type of military-style marker that is acceptable.


  • “Application for the Unmarked Grave Program” form signed by the applicant.

Type of Grave Marker


Grave markers must be ordered through a Last Post Fund supplier to ensure compliance with the inscription standards of Veterans Affairs Canada. Information that is inscribed on the marker may include:


           (Religious symbol of choice)



           MILTARY UNIT


           LEST WE FORGET


Depending on the type of marker allowed at the cemetery, the Last Post Fund may place an upright or flat grey granite military-style marker.  When necessary, a grave marker of varying dimensions or special material may be ordered to comply with cemetery regulations.



Grave Marker

Upright Marker

Made of Barre Grey Granite Height 39in. x Width 15in. x Thickness 3in.

marker lpf

Flat Marker

Made of Barre Grey Granite Height 12¼ in. x Width 20 in. x Thickness 4 in.

marker lpf 2

Privately purchased grave markers or monuments are not reimbursed under the Veterans Burial Regulations 2005. However, partial assistance may be offered toward a military inscription on such markers showing proper rank and unit. Please contact your Provincial Office for full details.