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Anniversary of the Last Post Fund National Field of Honour

National Field of Honour in Pointe-Claire,

Annual commemorative ceremony at the National Field of Honour being celebrated May 24, 1939, just a few short months before the German invasion of Poland and the outbreak of the Second World War.
Photo: Last Post Fund archives

2019 marks the 89th anniversary of the National Field of Honour in Pointe-Claire, QC which was officially inaugurated on September 21, 1930 during a consecration ceremony performed by Monsignor E.A. Deschamps, auxiliary bishop of Montreal.

As of 1928, due to the number of burials arranged through the LPF from the time of its inception in 1909, available plots were quickly being filled, and the project to acquire a dedicated, independently-managed cemetery began to take shape.

On April 10, 1929 LPF purchased 6 acres of land adjacent to the Lakeview Cemetery in Pointe-Claire, Québec at a cost of $8,000. A grant from the Québec government in the amount of $1,000 per annum was of great assistance in paying off the acquisition debt for the land purchase.

Last Post Fund founder Arthur Hair was of course the driving force behind the project, and dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to the preparations for the inauguration. On the day of the inauguration, military, clerical and government officials as well as representatives of charitable and Veterans’ organizations were present in large number, alongside members of military personnel, Mayors of neighbouring municipalities and members of the general public. The event received extensive media coverage by the Montreal press.

Provincial Minister J.H. Dillon gave the opening address and with these words, officially declared the Field of Honour open: “This ground having been legally acquired by the Last Post Fund of Canada as a burial place for active or retired members of His Majesty’s naval or military forces and others who by custom, precedent, or in virtue of the King’s rules and regulations may be accorded the privilege of burial in a naval or military cemetery, including members of His Majesty’s allies in the Great war, and having been duly consecrated, I name it Last Post Fun Field of Honour and declare it open for the purpose for which it has been dedicated.”

In 2009, on the 100th anniversary of the Last Post Fund's founding, the National Field of Honour was declared a National Historic Site by the Canadian Government. The Last Post Fund today is proud to continue to operate and to maintain the National Field of Honour, as is our duty to those buried there, may they rest in peace.

We will remember them.